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bookkeeping servicesPresident Shared Services Group is a world class specialist in bookkeeping and accounting services. We are a comprehensive service provider committed to best practice services and we always exceed our clients’ expectations. Our range of accounts/bookkeeping services include everything from keeping records of your payables, receivables , and payroll, administration, GST and BAS compliance, as well as compliance with industry requirements. We offer competitive prices and personalized service.

We ensure your data entry in a tax compliant format enabling you to have all the useful information at your fingertips, track and plan your liabilities regularly. Our technically savvy personnel will help you with your budget planning and ongoing screening on your business to highlight which areas of your business area profitable. We help you with project analysis and comparing budgets with actual overheads to ensure you not only stay afloat, but also make a lot of profits. 

At President Shared Services Group, we understand that tax compliance and reporting can be confusing and stressful. Our specialists will track your GST and PAYG liabilities to ensure your timely and accurate submissions. We can introduce you to the reliable tax agent or liaise you with your existing one at the end of the year to make this process as stress-free as possible. If you need a tax advice, we will assist you in obtaining a reliable advice from a registered tax agent. We are dedicated to providing personal services as well as identifying and delivering exactly what is needed.

Managing your accounts receivable, payable and your payroll can be tedious and time-consuming. President Shared Services wants you to concentrate on your core business while we manage your invoicing, bill collection, bill payment, and payroll for you. We will chase your overdue clients and implement credit applications, progress payments, payments in installments and late fees. We will also assist with job costing and overhead analysis to determine proper wages, awards and conditions. We will make sure you meet all the employment legal requirements. We will also keep accurate tracking of your bills to ensure you have sufficient cash flow and good reputation with your suppliers for timely payments. 

If your business has specific requirements in terms of safety, training, reporting or information, we can help you meet such requirements. We offer what a business needs with minimal investment. President Shared Services Group saves you time and helps your business work more efficiently.

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If your books are not in order then it can be difficult for any business to maintain any real sense of how they are performing, and this failure to stay on top of how cash and money are moving through your business can lead to major problems. To avoid the time required to maintain your accounts and to ensure that your business is on top of all of its dealings, outsourced bookkeeping services are the ideal solution for those that do not want to complete this function in-house, but instead employ a team of highly experienced professionals that will ensure the job is done properly.

At President Shared Services Group, we are world-class bookkeeping and accountancy specialists and we provide a wide range of services that are guaranteed to exceed expectations and ensure that your data entry is tax compliant and ready to access as and when you need it so that you can plan effectively. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping

  1. Expertise

You can undertake to find the best accountants and bookkeepers to work for your company, but in dedicating a role within your business that could require filling once again this creates the possibility of having to fill that role over and over again. With a dedicated team working for you, this allows you to consistently access highly experienced staff with the requisite expertise to complete your work accurately each and every time.

  1. Saving Money

Following on from this point, your company will not have to pay wages to a full-time bookkeeper where you have an outsourced bookkeeping team working for you. Pay their bill once a year or however you arrange it, then walk away safe in the knowledge that your accounts are up to date.

  1. Focus

Some business-owners complete the bookkeeping duties personally. Instead of dedicating your time to the numbers, why not hand that task over and focus on doing what you do best. When you focus your attention on your craft and core skills then enables you to master them, thereby making your business and time that bit more valuable to clients and customers.

  1. Software

Here at President Shared Services Group, we are dedicated to adopting best practices and uses the latest technologies to bolster our depth of experience and expertise. Availing of our services means that you are always getting access to the best systems in the business and have the peace of mind associated with the security, confidentiality and protective measures we put in place to safeguard all of your information.

Dedicated to Your Growth

At President Shared Services Group, we appreciate that the duties associated with bookkeeping are complicated and can lead to a lot of time invested and stress. What’s more, we understand that companies are regularly faced with the prospect of their top accountancy staff being poached by higher-paying firms, which leaves them vulnerable to the possibility of their bookkeeping function falling into disarray.

Our team can alleviate all of these concerns and provide services that are tailored to your specific needs, so regardless of whether you are a major corporation or a start-up, we will be able to find solutions to fit your budget.

So, to benefit from the best bookkeeping services Australia has to offer, get in touch with the team here at President Shared Services Group. We look forward to your call and dedicating our efforts to helping you grow your business.

President Payroll Services offers the best outsourced payroll solutions in Australia. We have offices all over Australia and offer accounting & bookkeeping services. Browse our website further or call us to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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